Ancient Greece's Negativity Towards Lust

Okay, I’m back.

I think that what caused the confusion in this thread was that I was modeling my mind as if it is just a single, unified process, rather than being a conflicting collection of ideas and processes. In reality, obviously it’s the latter that is true. This error is basically rationalism: I implicitly believed that my conscious thought was all there is to my mind.

If even one of those mental processes in my head is biased, then I am biased. All I did in my “refutation” of anon44 was I showed something like: some of my mental processes don’t think the things that anon44 alleges. It could still be the case that other theories in my mind do think in the ways the things anon44 alleges, in which case I would be biased in the way he alleges, and I didn’t even come close to refuting that. In fact, I now believe anon44 was on to something.

This error also caused my belief that I was being accused of lying, because if I have a single mental process then it’s basically impossible to honestly mis-identify it.

I was being uncharitable here. Anon44 obviously means an explicit and organized process, like the flow charts for doing arithmetic problems that ET talked about in this thread, or like the process for combatting bias (in a different context) described here.

Something I asked myself was: even if it WAS true that anon44 was slandering me or whatever I thought, why would I get so tilted about it? Either he has pointed out a genuine error in my thinking and I should be glad, or else he is mistaken and I shouldn’t care.

I believe I’ve identified the key philosophical error I was making that was causing me to get so angry, but I don’t want to explain it publicly.

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