Capitalism Means Policing Big Companies

It doesn’t require a conspiracy to do a bunch of fraud in many cases. You can have internal training and policies requiring all new employees to do fraud. What do you do about whistle blowers? Nothing special (just fire them and badmouth them). E.g. this didn’t even go viral (only 3000 likes):

part 2 Replying to @Andy 🏳️‍🌈♾️ #creditrepair #sales #salestraining #trlem... | Credit Repair Service | TikTok

This doesn’t work with something so awful by current cultural standards that it’d go super viral and get politicians to act promptly. But it turns out most people don’t really care that much about – and will (unhappily) participate in – a lot of bad stuff, including a lot of fraud.

Note that many other jobs also involve fraud so it can be hard to find something way better. And that’s part of why this doesn’t blow up and she is just seen as someone complaining about yet another shitty job (which is fine and can be popular and receive sympathetic comments), not a proper whistle blower: because so many other people have major complaints about their jobs, too. (BTW, some of those complaints are about fraud and some aren’t, and most people pay little attention to the difference. Including the video creator I shared doesn’t seem to be differentiating or thinking about fraud.)

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