Curiosity – Roe vs. Wade Overturned

DD tweet implicitly supporting the recent Roe v Wade overturn.

I think that DD has a position like: he wants everything (including the existence of rights) to be wide open to the democratic process, because somethignsomething Popper somethignsomething error correction. (The reason for the "somethignsomething"s is that I haven’t seen DD make this argument explicitly, I’m just inferring his position from this and some other things. If anyone would like to fill me in on his real view, please do.)

DD is wrong and his position contradicts Objectivism. It is unequivocally a bad thing when anyone is forced to “persuade” others to respect her rights.

Regarding persuasion, note that Trump didn’t run on a pro-life platform and persuade the electorate of that. He emphasized other issues like wall building and swamp draining.

Similarly, Trump’s judges didn’t make it through the senate confirmation hearings based on a persuasive pro-life platform. I didn’t follow this issue much, and don’t really trust this website, but I think they just lied: What Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett Said About Roe at Confirmation Hearings -

Before an adoption, it’s common to lie to mothers about letting them visit their kid.