Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected came out today. I bought and pre-downloaded it last night. I did my writing/editing so I may try it soon. But the servers are apparently a mess. On reddit earlier, I saw stuff about servers being broken/down. Apparently Blizzard gave up and took the servers down on purpose for maintenance:

Also, a prominent d2 player says there were a ton of small (not game breaking) bugs in the beta a month ago. Early reddit reports say a lot of the known bugs have not been fixed.

He also said there were crash bugs but Blizzard made actual progress during the beta and got the frequency of crashes to go down. Hopefully that was improved more in the last month. Also, unlike with war3, they didn’t try to kill the original version of d2. So if d2r sucks you can still play the old d2.

d2r apparently does kill (multiplayer) mods significantly by getting rid of some multiplayer connection options to fight piracy and hacking.

Back when I first played d2, I had no idea d3 would take over 10 years to come out and then would be worse than d2.

Similarly, sc2 took forever and is worse than sc1. (And Blizzard put a lot of work into destroying sc1 esports in Korea before eventually giving up on sc2 being a huge esport and making the sc1 remaster and now sc1 has some tournaments and leagues but it’s way behind where it used to be)

war3 was my favorite, but war4 just never came out at all and war3 got the most screwed up remaster :frowning:

They also can’t/won’t make better games, of the same basic type, for e.g. baldur’s gate 1 and 2. (I haven’t played the bg3 early access and don’t intend to try it until it’s actually done, and i’m extremely skeptical that it’ll be better, though it might be decent.)

Well it crashes when I try to make a game, including in offline mode. Gonna update razer, nvidia, windows and restart.

They made load times longer.

Got into a game but crashed ~90s later.

Other people have killed hell baal tho Twitch

Keeps crashing, including offline. Still level 1.

I got the crashing mostly fixed by lowering graphics settings. It still crashes occasionally.

Just read an interesting post with technical details about their server outages and what they’re doing: