Elliot Shares Links (2022)

wow there are over 200 retracted papers listed just for COVID:

i guess for every retracted paper there is at least one more that should be retracted but isn’t. maybe ten more. i don’t know how many.

looking only at retractions is a little like looking only at divorces or at covid deaths. there are also a lot of bad marriages that don’t divorce and bad covid outcomes that aren’t death.


Therapists vs. DSM.

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Superstition in a bunch of the top level comments, encouraged/modeled by streamers, and confusing newbies who don’t know what’s real.

Multiple top chess players lost today in the final pre-knockout round of the 3rd and last phase of the tournament that determines two qualifications for the 8-player candidates tournament, the winner of which plays a 1 vs. 1 match against the world champion to potentially become world champion.

April Fools Day is bad. Pranks in general are often bad.

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You can get 11 day old ground beef at Olive Garden!

Starts by talking about governments printing money, spending more money than they have, and inflation.

He measures the power of a country by 8 factors which he said he “averages”. So it’s just the kind of problematic thinking that CF criticizes.

They must be that are normalized and/or weighted first before averaging. Something must be done to try to convert between the different dimensions. He didn’t mention that though.

His factors are themselves complex things like “trade” or “education” that are presumably weighted averages of many other factors. Or else judgment calls using intuition.

He basically thinks there are repeating cycles in human affairs. While I don’t fully agree with that, it can happen if people don’t understand the causes of typical cycles and how to avoid them. The US government does seem to be falling into some of the standard patterns and traps (and has been for a long time) such as devaluating their currency.

It’s basically about the rise and fall of empires which he blames a lot on finances, and somewhat on the rich people getting lazy/decadent/etc. as a few generations on top go by.

I do think he’s raising (unoriginal) concerns that are worth consideration. (He actually really makes it sound like original research but he wasn’t really saying anything new.)

His final two conclusions were we need to spend less than we earn and treat each other well.

Huge container ships is the opposite of the small batch sizes Goldratt talked about.

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Facebook using a proxy to covertly plant lies about TikTok in local news.

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