Elliot Shares Links (2022)

the latest dominant COVID subvariants have a reproductive rate of around 18.6, tying or surpassing measles, the world’s most infectious viral disease

Interesting broad, basic explanations about where the elements come from (the big bang and particularly nuclear fusion) and what mass exists in our universe.

Large corporations generally shouldn’t leave the comments enabled for their ads (which says something bad about them). So many people hate them. And they have so many known flaws that they don’t fix which people can comment on.

Sometimes they do leave the comments on. The comments on this car ad are really harsh. Here are the first few I saw:

Amazon refuses to take down products with stolen art designs.

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good, insightful post (except the unargued praise of degree-based epistemology over decisive arguments, and i’m skeptical of blaming The Daily Show)

Same author:

As I have been writing I’ve found myself fighting a desire to make myself look better. A big part of me wants to present myself as some kind of sage who has always been wise. But that isn’t true.

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lots of big companies are awful

unreasonable insurance companies killing the occasional kid

If you watch 50 shorts from a YouTuber, YouTube still won’t recommend their longer videos to you (and vice versa, I think). This level of segregation between shorts and regular videos seems terrible.

I like people streaming themselves doing real work/projects.