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Cheating and lying.


internet copyright claims

attention to detail. practice, automatization and mastery.


One of the themes with these communication failures is that people can’t or won’t consider their audiences’ context. The person reading this can’t see their screen, doesn’t know what app they’re in, doesn’t know what they’re trying to do, etc. People leave out tons of information which is obvious from their point of view, but which the person they are communicating with would have no way to know.

I liked the first 7 panels but disliked the last 5.

Sometimes conversations (whether by text or voice) feel like people wanting me to read my articles to them.

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Trying to teach kids to be criminals (and to profit off selling them crime how-to manuals) is really bad. It’s serious crimes like credit card fraud.





Says tech hiring is not merit based.

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Doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Edit: same issue for the link right after the one I responded to as well.

They’re still working for me. Maybe the issue is your VPN or a browser extension.

TikTok cares a lot more about their mobile app than their website, so opening in the app can also fix stuff.

If I add random numbers to the video ID, I get “Video currently unavailable” not 404. I think I’ve seen “Video currently unavailable” before when a video is deleted by the creator and/or by TikTok.

If I change the word “video” in the url to “blah” then I can get a 404.

He also says tons of Duke computer science students were cheating to pass their classes.


Works for me as well now when I use my computer (404 was on iPad).

A viewpoint from another field on problem solving.


If you want to be really good at something and make discoveries, you should care a lot about understanding tiny details and getting them right.