Elliot Temple and Corentin Biteau Discussion

I’m going to stop posting at the EA forum because of a new rule, beginning yesterday, to CC BY license anything you post, which basically lets anyone do whatever they want with it, including sell it with no charges or make derivative works (with any license), as long as they give attribution to the author. I don’t want to give up my rights like that. Also EA staff won’t even try to clarify how the new rules work and literally told me to get a lawyer, and on review of their terms of use they have other unreasonable rules like a prohibition on posting anything untrue (which is so overly broad that I figure most posters are in violation). More info (and a few other posts above that one).

Relevantly, I figured EA would probably ban me at some point anyway, like Less Wrong did. I have a long history of finding forum moderators unreasonable and being banned from things for (IMO) bad reasons. LW, for example, banned me without a warning and without claiming I broke any specific rule. That was the ~fifth time LW moderators interfered with my ability to discuss with their community. The first time was Eliezer Yudkowsky himself taking moderator action to reduce the visibility of my posts on the basis that I had received a lot of downvotes (in other words, I was unpopular but didn’t take the hint and shut up, and the downvotes weren’t hiding what I said enough, so he took additional action to suppress my speech). EA had no communications, policies or anything else that reassured me it’s way better/different than other forums, so I expected from the start that my time there would be temporary, and I had to keep saving copies of my discussions in case EA deleted stuff (LW and some other forums have deleted some or all of my discussions in the past, sometimes targeting me personally like LW did and sometimes due to deleting the entire forum). I wish EA and many other forums (including this one!) had better data exporting options.