Gaslighting discussion (split from: Justin’s Miscellaneous Posts)

Interesting. When I read what you said:

I thought you meant those were the only two off topic/ special exception places you were allowed to post. I thought that besides the gaslighting thread was implied, since that was (in my opinion) the MAIN place you are supposed to be posting.

This current thread – in my understanding – was created as an exception to allow you to post off topic posts in the thread, before the gaslighting issue was resolved. I did find it weird that you stopped posting in the gaslighting thread after you got this exception thread. But you also didn’t talk very much about gaslighting in this thread either, so I just took you to be completely ignoring the issue for nearly the last year.

I can’t see anywhere where that permission was rescinded in the first place. When Elliot created the thread, he didn’t say that you were no longer allowed to post in the gaslighting thread, and I can’t see anything that implies that. Is that what you assumed at the time too, or is this a newer assumption that came up after you posted in the wrong place?