Gaslighting discussion (split from: Justin’s Miscellaneous Posts)

I was slightly annoyed at not getting a reply to this post. I know there are lots of reasons people might not reply to something, and I don’t think I’m owed replies. Nonetheless, I was annoyed, perhaps because some part of me interpreted the lack of response as indicating that people thought the post wasn’t worth any sort of response (this is a bit different than your example language above, because it’s not based on anything anyone actually said, but on a lack of a response). I think part of the annoyance is also based on an expectation that I would get criticized for not using trees etc again in the future, despite having tried to address the issue. That second point seems more justifiable to me as a thing to be annoyed about (whereas I don’t think getting annoyed as a result of leaping to conclusions about what judgment people silently made about a post is rationally defensible).