Gaslighting discussion (split from: Justin’s Miscellaneous Posts)

It seems to be a USB 3.0 dock. I would expect USB 3.0 or 3.1 at that price point given the other relevant features.

Keep in mind a key aspect for me is the support for DisplayLink for outputting to multiple monitors despite lack of sufficient native ports on my current machine. It’s not just a bare USB 3.0 hub. I agree that at that price point, absent DisplayLink, I’d be looking into TBolt hubs over USB hubs (tho the really nice TBolt hubs - CalDigit mb? - actually go for more IIRC)

Haha u literally linked a CalDigit :smiley:

Yaya, I believe u. I’d get something like that if I primarily wanted a high speed hub.

Ya I considered that. I’ve done that kind of thing before. It’s not the same as giant screens tho v_v

Here is a link on how DisplayLink works btw