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You seem to be saying it doesn’t seem right to you that Lillian would have acted that way if she was really raped. That is a variation of a common rape myth: that rape victims need to act a certain way, and if they don’t act that way, then they weren’t really raped.

The myth is delegitimizing to rape victims and their experiences. This myth also allows people to believe that their own actions couldn’t possibly have been rape or sexual assault, because their victim didn’t react like a proper victim, so obviously they weren’t really victimized. This is part of rape culture. Beliefs like this are part of what allow rape and sexual assault to continue to be so common.

You can look up rape myths online and find information about them. E.g., Here is a list of rape myths.

This cartoon strip addresses how a rape victim acted after a rape, counter to the rape myth, with some explanation.

If you want to be educated on rape, and how rape victims actually respond and feel, then I would recommend looking for information in spaces where victims talk about their experiences. (Please don’t go there and argue with them though – just observe and try to learn.) There are a lot of personal stories on places like reddit and tiktok.

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