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Ok, so it seems like you are using a pirated copy of the book. Since the copy you used doesn’t even have the proper publication information, I would not trust the formatting to be correct.

Since you knew it was a pirated copy, it is weird that you initially doubled down on what I assume is a misquote, by implying that you have a legitimate copy of the book with that formatting.

When I questioned your quote, you said:

You could have instead said that you don’t actually have a legitimate copy of the book, and were quoting from a copy you obtained online.

I had to ask two questions to get enough information to figure out that you are probably just spreading misquotes.

All the the versions I have seen are later editions, so initially I was thinking it was possible that her original version was substantially edited later. I didn’t want to just assume you were misquoting. But now I assume your quote was just a misquote.