Lying Examples

Most people are liars. As much as people get offended when I mention it, it’s not some sorta secret. Example:

Ignore the title and watch the video. There are a bunch of other similar videos. I think it’s a trend because it’s easy to make a video like this and it’s funny. It’s easy to make because the chance of being lied to is reasonably high.

See also my article on lying:

The Reddit comments mostly support the lying.

Here’s another type of lying:

A blog post about David Ramsay Steele disagreeing with Elliot’s lying article:

I think you’d benefit from doing some activities like June Learning Activity and it’d be easier to give feedback on issues with smaller, practice activities.

Speedrun cheaters are a type of liar.

I thought Alan was already a very high quality person. I thought he already has all the skills that one would learn from doing June learning activities. I haven’t looked into the activities. I guess they are about graphs and grammar and analyzing discussions after gaining those skills.

I posted this message because I was surprised to know that Elliot thinks that even Alan should do learning activities. I thought these learning activities are for beginners who are low skilled. I think that Alan would be in Elliot’s list of top 100 high quality living people (I think even inside top 10 but I am taking top 100 to be safe).

(I think I can try having an unbounded conversation and can request to leave if I think I can’t continue. I don’t have the skills to have an unbounded conversations but I am still continuing this conversation on the basis of this belief. If I am wrong then let me know.)

i havnt consciously thought of cheaters as a type of liar before. i think it makes sense that speedrun cheaters would be liars even if they never directly say: i am not a cheater.

they go against the rules of the speedrun, and then they try to pass it off as being legitimate by not telling people about what they have done that would count as cheating.

Telling the judge that you don’t understand honesty:

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Example of political lying by saying different (contradictory) things to different audiences.


Says: People frequently say things they don’t mean, and don’t say what they do mean.

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