MC does subconscious analysis

You clearly self-identify with your conscious mind. You don’t recognize that your subconscious is also you – in fact it’s most of you. When you other your subconscious, it gets in the way of analysis.

When you disagree with stuff, that isn’t a largely irrelevant tangent. You’re delegitimizing and dismissing parts of yourself (rather than e.g. analyzing). This is contrary to CF’s ideas about resolving conflicts of ideas and viewing both conscious and subconscious ideas as your ideas.

You (your conscious mind) often think your subconscious is wrong (which is a conclusion you assume before resolving the disagreement via rational, conclusive debate), and you want to hide and disown lots of your subconscious. You’re uncomfortable presenting yourself as the kind of person you actually are. You don’t want to take responsibility for large parts of you.

MC does subconscious analysis

Contrary to the title and your framing, this topic is about your resistance to doing subconscious analysis, your disagreement with CF’s perspective (but with no quotes of CF material and explicit criticisms), and your dismissive, othering attitude to your subconscious.

You also repeatedly downplay problems. That’s also a way of avoiding analysis.