Practice and Mastery [CF Article]


from the linked article:

In other words, initially learn ideas using full conscious attention (doing that involves practice). Then make them automatic (that involves more practice, which still requires some attention directed at improvement) so they no longer require your focused attention (you’ve now achieved mastery), which lets your attention be available for more advanced ideas.

I’ve been learning things using the flashcard app Anki.

I hadn’t been learning the cards to mastery. Once I got cards right, I’d classify them as learned and the app would move me to gradually spacing out practice on them. Then I never learned them to mastery. I’d get some of them wrong after a while and then I’d have the app move me back to practicing them more frequently, but then again I’d move to spacing out the practice once I got the card right.

Now I’m trying a different strategy. I want to master a card by doing it over and over in the same session, until I can get the right answer quickly and automatically, not just get the right answer. I hope this kind of learning will stick better.

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