Thiamin, Vitamins and Derrick Lonsdale

I’ve seen multiple things similar to this.

It’s not just that the psychiatrists and doctors don’t know better. It’s not just that there is more profit in prescription meds with serious “side” effects.

Mainstream health authorities are actively against vitamin and mineral supplements in a major way.

Whatever is going on with the active hostility to vitamins, it’s enough that a double Nobel Prize winner was unable to overcome it with his vitamin C advocacy, and I’ve seen him basically mocked as a crank for this (without any critical argument, just putting him on a list as an example of how lots of geniuses are idiots/eccentrics/crazies about some other topics).

Someone – I forget who, maybe Lonsdale, maybe someone else – gave an explanation about how there is major hostility to cure alls: single treatments that are claimed to cure many different illnesses. That conflicts with the model of having a different drug for each disease, and it strikes people as implausible or unrealistic.

But if you think of the body as a machine that burns fuel for energy (which it is, as Lonsdale emphasized), it’s just as realistic that vitamin C would cure many problems as that regular oil changes would prevent multiple different problems with you car. The problems from not changing your oil tend to be related (e.g. having something to do with the engine), but it’s exactly the same with vitamins. Thiamin and magnesium both help with many many different problems/symptoms related to energy and fatigue because they play a role in burning fuel for energy. It’s not always obvious what’s related to energy, e.g. anxiety, digestion problems or weak immune system might not seem related to energy at first glance, but those could all be due to your lower brain not having enough energy. The lower brain needs lots of energy and plays a role in many different bodily functions including related to emotional regulation, stress response, sending commands that control aspects of digestion and commanding the immune system.

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