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I’m sure it’s some dumb survey and exaggerated but title and thumbnail are still worrying.

I was just reading about the survey here


I’m not seeing a link to a full report, they just have this table (which i think is supposed to indicate that they asked Biden voters about Blue states seceding and Trump voters about Red States seceding)

I find it interesting. I see lots of people flaming Trump supporters for this on Twitter, but the Biden voter support for secession seems really fucking high too?? So flaming Trump supporters seems biased…

Tim says 37.2% of Americans overall want to break the US up based on his analysis

Around 11 minutes, Tim references a figure re: support for the American revolution that is bandied about a lot. I did a deep dive on the original source here some time ago.

My conclusion was that the source was pretty ambiguous in what it was even talking about and bad evidence in any case:

Overall I think Adams was talking about the attitudes to the American revolution, but the letter seemed significantly more ambiguous than I’d have expected given the treatment of the topic from both the “HISTORICAL FACT: Adams said opinion on American revolution was split 33-33-33” side, as well as the “HISTORICAL MYTH DEBUNKED” side.

But even IF Adams was talking about American attitudes to the American revolution, his like vague general impressions of people’s opinion is pretty poor evidence for making any kind of generalizations of what people thought of the revolution at the time.