2020 Census results manipulated?

A commenter at But With A Whimper – According To Hoyt writes:

Layers of lies are baked into that 2020 Census, which was released last week.
The Census was required by law to be released in December 2020, while Trump was President. The Census Bureau cried “COVID” and delayed release almost four months into the HarrisBiden regime. While the results showed red states increasing in population and blue states decreasing, the results were manipulated with 3.5 million “estimated” people added and subtracted.
Over 2 million persons not counted were added to Democrat states, allowing them to keep several House seats that should have gone to Republican states.
Over one million persons were removed from Republican states, lowering the number of House seats gained.

I found an article about this: Why Did Biden Census Bureau Add 2.5 Million More Residents to Blue-State Population Count? - Rasmussen Reports®