About the Projects category

Structured, organized attempts to achieve goals like learning. Use the project template.

When you create a topic in the Projects category, your initial post will have a template to fill out. Give an answer for each section (project summary, goal, plan, other people, and context). Your answers should cover most of the questions but you don’t have to answer every question. Your project must be related to CF somehow.

It’s good to write answers that make sense by themselves. E.g. for “What’s your goal?” you can write a sentence like “My goal is…” Then you can delete the questions to remove clutter, leaving just the section headers. An alternative is using one paragraph per question, with the question text followed by your answer.

At the end of a project, you must write a conclusion. Did you succeed or fail? What went right and wrong? What could you do better next time? What did you learn? If you failed, how and why did you fail? Do a post mortem. If you succeeded, explain how you know you succeeded, what you achieved, and what the benefits were. The conclusion must be clearly labelled; use “# Project Conclusion” as the first line. You may only do one project at a time; conclude your project before starting another.

There’s also a Mini Projects category with a simplified template for smaller projects. You may have three active mini projects at once in addition to one regular project. If you don’t want to do a structured project with a specified goal, consider posting in the Unbounded or Other category.

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