Arrow Keys Not Scrolling with Mac Safari

Anyone else having issues with arrow keys often not scrolling in Mac Safari? Has been bothering me for months. It’s not consistent. Not even sure if it’s intended behavior, a common bug, a bug only I have, etc.

first search suggestion via google seems to indicate that it’s a somewhat common problem. the first few links I checked didn’t have anything useful besides: if you get stuff like up/down causing a jump to top/bottom of the page then mb the cmd key is stuck. IDK if that helps. If you have another kb around then mb you swap them to see if it’s a kb issue. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it when using a mac, but I don’t use safari much, either.

do the arrow keys consistently work in text-fields when they don’t work for scrolling?

the only other thing I thought of is that some sites might bind to the arrow keys like YT does for volume. You mentioned it’s inconsistent tho so I guess that this isn’t the issue.