Asmongold's Tribalist Fans

Asmongold made a series 3 videos (clipped from his stream). Summaries:

1: Amazon copyright striked a small YouTube to take down his video showing a bug in New World.

2: Amazon contacted Asmongold and said it was a mistake. The problem was with an ad that YouTube played on the video (which was selling New World gold for real money), not the video itself. They cancelled the copyright strike. Asmongold believes Amazon about this. He unlisted video (1) that trashed Amazon and put up the correction quickly and prominently.

3: Asmongold’s tribalist fans accused him of being bribed by Amazon and were angry that he took down the video with incorrect information. They also insist that Amazon might be lying and could have done it on purpose. Asmongold says he knows people can lie and thinks about it before sometimes believing them. He points out that Amazon has no history of pattern of striking videos like that, and there are many similar videos from both big and small creators which Amazon has left alone. He says if it turns out Amazon was lying, or they start striking more videos, he’ll make another video covering it. Here’s video 3:

Asmongold pointed out that he still has lots of videos up which harshly attack New World for its many huge flaws, and he says he tries to say the truth as he sees it, regardless of which side it’s on.

Asmongold talked about how lots of ragebait lies spread on social media and then corrections get much less attention and don’t spread well. He dislikes that and doesn’t want to be like that, which is why he took down his old video when he got new information.

For trying to have integrity, his own fans were calling him a shill, accusing him of literally selling out, and badgering him into making another video answering them.

I thought it was disturbing how a bunch of his fans just want every video to be attacking Amazon and New World (or WoW and Blizzard). They’re so biased that they’re upset about him removing a video that they liked – because it attacked Amazon – merely because the information in it was incorrect. They still like that video and want the ideas in it to spread. They come to him wanting to hear specific messages and are upset, and feel betrayed, if he says anything else or tries to explain some nuance.

Also, Asmongold’s original video wasn’t strictly misinformation. It was reasonable speculation based on limited information. I think taking it down makes sense because people will get the wrong idea, but I don’t think it was irresponsible to make it in the first place. It was a reasonable reaction at the time, in context. At least that’s my recollection from watching it once. I don’t have a link to it currently.

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Josh Strife Hayes just put out a video complaining about it – kinda similar to the one Asmongold already took down – with a brief mention at the end about Amazon claiming it was an error.

I skimmed the comments. Tons of people with tribalist attitudes are happy with the video and want to yell at Amazon.