Busy with other things but still lurking

FWIW: I’m still here lurking. Busy with coding boot camp since about 1.5-2 months back.

you could share some coding work or problems/questions here

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We are doing mob programming at the code camp. We are learning full stack JavaScript (Node.js for backend).

So far mob programming has been difficult. We have done it for about 2 weeks now and will do it for the rest of the camp. All of the people in my mob (me included) are inexperienced programmers. So we are currently both learning a lot of new stuff re coding (syntax, concepts etc) as well as trying to figure out how to work in a group. A lot of new things at once.

If any of the experienced programmers here want to share their opinion on mob programming or some general learning tips feel free to post it here.

I am looking to do more JavaScript coding practice to learn to code better - as recommended by Elliot (eg grammar stuff).

I know about codewars. But I’m looking for some more specific coding practice. Like eg practicing on callback functions, or promises, or doing basic server stuff etc to learn doing those things better.
If anyone knows of any such sites please link them here.