Can every step on a learning journey be mindblowing?

Some ideas that you learn blow your mind. Others just make you feel moderately nice. Is it possible to create a learning journey for someone where everything they learn blows their mind?

Friendly Moderator Action Notice:@doubtingthomas i edited a couple of your recent thread titles because they were too vague. in general someone should be able to figure out the general subject matter of the thread from the title.

cool. I do see they were vague. The titles I chose seemed cool to me. I do consider some of my older titles to still be cool (for ex. “People you care for”. It’s in basecamp archive). Your advice made me see that I was doing social stuff. I won’t be trying to choose cool titles anymore. I will instead try to choose titles which mention the topic of conversation.

If you think that you were doing social stuff, I think that it’d be worth thinking about the issue in detail (and posting about it). Like, what specific social stuff? What purpose did each word you wrote have in terms of social stuff? And so on

IMHO no, and anyways it’s a bad goal that is focused on the experience of mindblowingness as a primary value.

Agree but I don’t have the skills currently to do it in a productive manner. I tried to do one in the meditation tangent discussion topic. Also by the time I get those skills I think I will find better stuff to analyze. Let’s see what future holds.

I can argue in favor of this. The argument will be: primary value should be truth seeking.

I just made a connection in my mind. A similar version of this problem is asked of science communicators. Science communicators face the problem that whether they should make the topic interesting by simplifying details and telling an interesting story or give all the details and make it not as fun.

@doubtingthomas - I agree with Justin. Here’s an example from the FI discord (August 2020). The main context starts with

[1:20 AM] Max: oh wow, I just found a neat discord feature

and some social analysis starts with

[1:23 AM] Max:

oh man now I feel out of the loop :stuck_out_tongue:

I notice saying things like this sometimes and am unsure if there are bad social dynamics involved. I am thinking of collecting them for later analysis.

It’s not a very long chat log but shows you an example of what I think Justin has in mind.

It’s still big enough to be hard for me to do social analysis. If I can I will come back to it in future.

I wasn’t suggesting that you should do social analysis on it; I was suggesting it as a reference so that you had an example of me doing some social analysis on something I said at the time.

True. I found it too big to even go through it and understand your social analysis. That made me not interested.