Capitalism Means Policing Big Companies

Yeah it’d probably be better to make a separate topic for it than post a ton of it in this topic.

I know a lot of examples of big companies being bad, but I don’t know a lot of details for most of the examples. News stories tend to only give a few details of what it’s like working somewhere, not a full picture. So sharing an example in more detail could be interesting to me and others.

I don’t know what your goals are or what alternative activities you might do instead. Sharing more could give you writing and critical thinking practice. It’d also offer some possibility that someone disagrees with something you said and that leads to some debate. Someone could also point out extra things, ask a question, offer sympathy, or make various kinds of comments. (But the forum is pretty small and quiet, so you might not get much response.)

Anyway, I’m glad to hear that someone with relevant life experience (and pro-capitalist views, I think, not just someone biased against for-profit companies) is finding my comments and theories fit their experiences well. (Rather than being like “Oh you philosophers, you just sit in your armchairs and make things up and have no idea what the world is like!” A lot of philosophers screw that up and I try not to.)