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I’m improving my consulting page Philosophy Consulting · Elliot Temple

I’m writing a new section (“How This Works Best”) and editing a section (“Rate”). Below is my draft. Please let me know if anything is confusing or if you have a negative reaction to anything.

How This Works Best

I only accept clients when I’m confident about providing a mutually beneficial outcome. This works best with people who are actively learning my philosophy from my articles, videos and other non-consulting materials. Alternatively, I can consider projects with a budget of at least $10,000 USD. I understand that some people have more money than time, and I can be flexible to help them too.

It’s not financially efficient for most individuals to hire me to repeat things that I already said in an article or video. I want to help people and share my philosophy, so I like to produce materials which many people can learn from. If someone wants me to spend some time helping only them, not the public, then I need to be providing a large amount of value to make up for the downside of only helping one person or a small group. It’ll work best for your finances to learn from my public educational material and then only hire me to answer questions, help you get unstuck, or discuss a private matter.

It’s easier for me to work with people who are more familiar with my ideas and communication style, particularly forum posters. That lets me provide more value more quickly.

And there are two basic ways I can help. Either I can help with your thinking or I can do some thinking myself to benefit you.

If I’m helping with your thinking, that will involve learning about and applying my philosophy. So it makes sense for you to learn from my public resources. I can only explain how my philosophy helps with your problems if you’ve learned about my philosophy.

If I’m thinking of solutions for you and making them happen under my leadership, that’s hard. It’s only worthwhile when there’s a large amount of value at stake.


Rates vary by project but I charge a lot. I can charge hourly. I like to do value pricing (fixed project bids related to the value provided to the customer). I’m flexible with project formats to fit people’s situations.

To hire me, email [][60]. Please give me at least a rough idea of your budget. You can ask about the price for your project or, if you want, make an offer and negotiate.

I work with businesses too. If you’re hiring me for a business, make sure to tell me that in your email.

I always appreciate project inquiries. I often point people in the right direction even if we don’t do a paid project. You won’t waste my time.

I don’t work with people who have high interest debt (e.g. on credit cards). I don’t want to contribute to people having debt problems. Please get out of debt and, in the mean time, use my free resources.

Sometimes I give out discounts to people who have made a lot of progress learning my philosophy or who have significant accomplishments. Feel free to ask.