Critical Fallibilism Real World Examples

Examples of people doing CF-type or CF-contradicting things.

Jurors from Elizabeth Holmes trial break silence after guilty verdicts l GMA - YouTube

The jury explicitly used weighted factors not decisive judgments (and they got it wrong, only finding her guilty of financial stuff not medical malpractice stuff. she’s going to get a much lighter sentence than she should. there were multiple reasons for getting it wrong and epistemology is one).

From Academic Epistemology - #34 by Max (I expected a special cross-reference link to show up here when I linked to this thread, but it didn’t so I’ll quote what I wrote here)

Lots in here about the lack of Paths Forward in the world.

This is a bunch of combining weighted factors from different dimensions. (These factors might all be assigned equal weights. I haven’t looked at the details.)

I was actually interested in what seafood to get or not get, but it’s hard to find useful information. There are a bunch of biased blog post kinda things, many of which are from people who sell seafood. Some have a content farm vibe. None that I saw had much detail or good explanations. Then I looked at this Monterey Bay Aquarium info (they’re aggressive/trendy environmentalists, which mixes together some good points and some bad points) and it’s a lot like college rankings and other refuted stuff Multi-Factor Decision Making Math

Multiple comments advise practicing, and treating some actions like skills to work on, even though they could seem simple/easy and not necessary to practice (hence “I know it sounds stupid”). E.g.

Practice saying these things. I know it sounds stupid, but you need to get used to saying them. If you have a friend or family member who can help, practice with them doing the thing he does.

  • Please don’t touch me
  • Please leave me alone
  • Let go of my hand
  • You’re too close to me (while leaning or stepping back)