Curiosity – Fraud By Companies That Don’t Serve Consumers

I’m not sure how workplace safety standards would work in the free market but I think that is another area that companies big and small are coming up short. Employees are part of the problem too but some of that is bad training or lack of training.

For example, trucking companies aren’t happy for their drivers to accurately disclose everything and then have the trucking company itself lie to regulators. Instead, they pressure their drivers to hide all problems and falsify documents so that the trucking company can keep its hands cleaner.

I recently learned just a tiny bit about OSHA and workplace safety and the above quote reminded of similar things that I heard about widespread issues in the construction industry. I think there is still a culture of trying to hide problems with employees and employers trying to avoid getting caught on egregious safety violations.

With that in mind, I looked up Amazon’s safety culture and it appears that they might not be doing so well on safety either.

I mean I have no idea how they would work.

But that’s just a statement of my ignorance not my opinion of the free-market. I very pro-free-market.