Curiosity – Individualized Attention Policy

To begin with for this policy, I’m going to start heavily deprioritizing people who haven’t engaged with my highest effort recent work:

Philosophical analysis of Steven Pinker passage | Everything explained from grammar to arguments [CF Video]

Feedback doesn’t have to be clever to be good.

This is the reason most of the times I stop giving any feedback. I fell like what I have to say is not even feedback worthy. I think that what I have to say isn’t gonna provide value to you.

Besides giving feedback, people could also post about why they find that hard, why they get stuck, why they don’t want to, what blocks them, what stops them, etc. Criticism of my policy would be good too.

Silence is ambiguous between “want to give feedback but there is a problem” and alternatives more like “don’t care” or “not interested”.

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This is still active/valid.

Also I’d appreciate it if someone would fix Wikipedia (I guess that means reverting all the CritRat edits and monitoring, talking to admins and following up as necessary if the problems don’t stay reverted. I don’t want to micromanage it or be involved further.)