Curiosity – Plants vs. Mammals (Energy, Digestion, Broad Conceptual Explanations, and the Lion Diet)

I read the start of the book The Gluten Lie. Its first main argument is that the gluten scare is similar to the prior MSG scare.

So I researched MSG for like 15 minutes and concluded there might actually be a problem there – the mainstream conclusion that it’s definitely safe is wrong.

I don’t know that MSG is unsafe. I just think I know that the mainstream arguments and evidence are inadequate, and that there are some causes for concern with MSG that have not actually been fully addressed. Given the current state of our knowledge, they shouldn’t be just fulling dismissive people’s concerns about MSG.

Note that the mainstream view seems to be that no one has a real (non-psychological) MSG sensitivity/allergy/problem. Zero people (or maybe like 1 in 100 million, which they round to zero?). Their position is not that it’s safe for 99% of people but a few people have real MSG problems.

Unfortunately (just like with gluten, vegetable oil, caffeine and other issues), I don’t know how to get anyone who disagrees with me, and thinks they know what they’re talking about, to engage in anything resembling rational, organized debate.

I saw nothing in Lion Diet materials about needing to limit the amount of calories you get from protein (to loosely 30% of total calories). But apparently that’s important:

I found out about this issue from Paleo people. If they know, M Peterson ought to know too. Instead I’ve seen her talk about eating lean meat.

That seems irresponsible of the Lion Diet information. There’s a danger involved that isn’t warned of. There isn’t information about how to plan for it and deal with it. The Lion Diet still seems lower risk than some alternatives like SSRIs though…

Also Lion Diet doesn’t seem to know anything about vegetable oils even though Paleo people do. Why? What’s going on there? She must have read lots of Paleo stuff, right? She should be familiar with things the Paleo community knows.