Cycle Between Learning Critical Fallibilism and Its Prerequisites

Summary: If you want to be a great philosopher, you’ll need to get really good at a bunch of prerequisites. But don’t just study one prerequisite at a time until you finish it. Instead, you should cycle back and forth between learning prerequisites and learning the more advanced knowledge that they come before. I explain how prerequisites work using a simple point-based model. I also discuss the importance of using new knowledge for your end goals to test it out.

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Text analysis practice for summary paragraph:

The connection nodes that I had the hardest time with were the two on the far right. I think that they are in the right place but I feel like there is a better way of describing their connection to the topic sentence, especially the connection node farthest to the right.

I quickly double checked and I think only the topic sentence had multiple clauses.

There are more clauses than that. I’m not saying they needed separate nodes though.