Declutter Learn Objectivism Website?

Should I get rid of this domain?

It doesn’t have much stuff and I think maybe consolidating to fewer things is good. I would move the content to the ET site, not delete it.

BTW I own and still have vague plans to use it.

I plan to keep but not link it from most places. Like don’t include it on a list of my websites in general. I also stopped including on general lists.

So the main list is ET, curi, FI, CF and currently LO too in some places like ET homepage.

I got rid of some domains recently to declutter/consolidate (some weren’t put up, but and were, and i moved the content from them to the ET site).

Anyway, not sure if LO domain is worth having and using longterm or not. One reason to keep is that Objectivism is a reasonably specialized target audience that I care about.

maybe you could post some good FI archive posts on Oism to it

That seems like a good reason from an SEO kinda perspective. Maybe u should push CF on it especially after there is more discussion of Oist themes here. Searching for Oist discussion is pretty bleak - lots of stuff is totally dead or pretty inactive.