Deplatforming and Censorship Examples

Non-political TikTok censorship of showing falling in skateboard videos.

That censorship seems really bad. By censoring all the videos where he gets hurt, TikTok portrays skateboarding as being like a more safe sport than it is.

For PVP video games you can have youtube channels that only upload videos where they did well or got high stats, so that can give you a false sense of how good that person actually is at the video game. This seems similar.


Epstein shouldn’t have given a courtesy copy of his book to WaPo. He shouldn’t have given any of his enemies early access. Don’t help them. Don’t treat them as if they are more reasonable or legitimate than they are. And don’t try to get value from them (like fair publicity). I wonder if he’ll figure that out for next time or not.


LBRY is a pro-free-speech decentralized open publishing and payments platform company, using blockchain, which does the anti-censorship YouTube competitor Odysee.

In 4 years of pursuit by SEC:

We’ve spent millions of $$, provided millions of pages of documents, and spent 10,000+ man hours

In all that time, SEC has never answered a question or provided feedback of any kind

We want to follow the law, but no one will tell us what it is

The SEC says to hire lawyers

We hire very expensive, accomplished lawyers, literally ex-SEC, and do what they say

The SEC says that is wrong

We say, how can we fix that?

They say to hire lawyers… :person_facepalming:

Looks like:

  • they tried being nice and polite for 4 years. didn’t help
  • they are now openly flaming the SEC on Twitter
  • they are being sued for doing stuff that other people also do
  • it’s about crypto stuff being securities
  • trial starts in September

They summarize:

SEC: your token looks like a security

LBRY: oh no is there anything we can do to change that?

SEC: yes but you have to guess what it is

LBRY: can you give us any hints?

SEC: no

LBRY: guesses

SEC: you guessed wrong now we punish you

They also tweet problematic politics:


lol. I tested it myself and they aren’t trolling:

DDG and Bing are similar though:

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Alex Epstein declared victory:

He thanked ~40 specific high status people for helping him win.

He advised others on how to handle hit pieces like him.

Here’s my number 1 lesson from my victory over The Washington Post.

He also wrote:

@JeffBezos needs to intervene.

He’s taking the owner of the org that smeared him and … sanctioning them as not responsible for the smear. He’s legitimizing Bezos as someone who is opposed to the actions his subordinates take. Bezos is a villain, who just had his proxies attack Epstein, yet Epstein thinks that Bezos is somehow a good guy to be implicitly praised as someone whose intervention would make things significantly better. Why would Bezos buy the paper and then ignore it and have no idea what goes on there? Epstein is actually kinda implying an incredible and implausible irresponsibility by Bezos to buy it with no idea what it is and then pay no attention to it.

Here’s the article that ran:

As you may notice from the title, it’s still a hit piece that smears Epstein. Epstein claims WaPo “removed 90% of its unjust attacks” but, after reading the article, I find that implausible. Epstein is actually now legitimizing and sanctioning this smear-job as largely acceptable, as mostly just not unjust, as not much of an attack.

Some reader comments on the WaPo article indicate that it’s still a smear job and its message wasn’t really changed:

Another right wing liar

Just another racist.

This is a false flag by a bonafide racist…

It’s racist to say Western societies are better. It’s also racist to oppose immigration for the millions of non-western refugees bc … checks notes … their home countries are …

Here’s one example of how nasty the article is:

In an email, Epstein said a story focusing on his college writings is “so beyond the pale in terms of false content, terrible methodology, and bad motives.” When asked to specify which parts of the information provided he believed were false, he declined to comment further.

Epstein did comment much further on Twitter and other public platforms, as the WaPo knows (and mentioned and linked to).

Epstein’s public demands/goals were:

  1. Fire Joselow for malpractice.
  2. Apologize to me.
  3. Pledge to root out political smearing.

He got none of these then declared victory.

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Not about deplatforming but I thought other Twitter frauds were relevant.

ActMan’s latest video about the harasser QuantumTV (who e.g. phoned ActMan’s mother to make veiled threats) is gone and ActMan’s channel (1.5 million subs) is fully demonetized. YouTube apparently still won’t do anything about QuantumTV and is instead punishing the guy who complained about a harasser and stirred the pot. (Similarly, I have complained about harassers and a lot of people have responded by reacting negatively to me, rather than to the harassers. In general, non-victims don’t like victims to speak up and bring trouble to wider attention. Abusers can often abuse one person or a few people in a group and the rest of the group, who aren’t victims, don’t want to deal with it and start blaming the guy who is asking for help or speaking up – they see him as the problem and wish he’d stfu. They have so little empathy that they struggle to care about a problem that is not directly their problem.)

The video that was taken down was IMO really good and entertaining. I liked the courtroom drama theme. Here is a reupload of it that currently works: The Dark Age Of Youtube - Quantum TV Found innocent Act Man reupload - YouTube

Huge channels are on ActMan’s side, are outraged at YouTube, are giving him interviews, etc.

YT is most mad at ActMan – not his harasser who violated a million YT rules – b/c ActMan is the one effectively making YT look bad and directly calling them out.

ActMan thinks YT has also changed their algorithm to hide/demonetize/punish videos that use his name or talk about issues like false copyright strikes.

Basically ActMan’s hour long video was taken down over the very thin excuse that it was too sexual b/c there was one brief photoshop of someone with a cucumber in their mouth. Then ActMan went to Twitter and started more drama and is being punished for that. Just like if I got to Twitter and complain about DD – even if I’m completely right – I’ll get flamed, harassed, and otherwise punished. It doesn’t matter that I’d only be doing it due to the impossibility of getting a response to the problem in some other way (e.g. private communications). ActMan’s mom was harassed on the phone by a YT ban evader and abuser of many other things, but YT sees ActMan as the squeaky wheel who should just stfu and stop complaining and then there won’t be a problem. (Yes YT literally banned Quantum in the past but won’t ban him again now for worse stuff or for ban evasion – but leafy and others who were banned can’t come back.)

YT is ActMan’s job and he’s been essentially fired abruptly with no real explanation and now has no effective options but to create a shitstorm on Twitter and get a bunch of drama attention.

btw Quantum has repeatedly wished death on gay people

Also while looking at this stuff I found out about:

Also somewhat related:

YouTube removes video (from creator with 4.9 million subscribers) warning people about a danger that has killed 34+ Americans – and leaves up the videos telling people to do the dangerous thing (fractal wood burning).

The video was literally saving lives. There were a bunch of comments thanking her for the warning and saying things like they were planning to try the dangerous activity soon.

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I retitled this topic from

Deplatforming/cancel culture examples


Deplatforming and Censorship Examples

Cancel culture is one type of deplatforming and censorship, but whatever is going on with the fractal wood burning takedown seems like something else.

My guess is it got taken down just for talking about a dangerous/sensitive topic and talking about death. Plus, being popular can increase the chance of being noticed so any action happens.

The videos recommending the activity don’t get taken down because they don’t say anything about danger or death. There is nothing within the videos themselves indicating it’s a sensitive or dangerous topic or bringing up death.

PS Amazon sells fractal wood burning kits with Prime shipping and autocompleted to that when I started typing it in. DO NOT BUY THEM. They appear to be somewhat safer than the homebrew method but NOT SAFE. One of them admits their machine is “possibly fatal” in their own marketing materials (which they are presenting as a good thing compared to “probably fatal” for the homebrew method).

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Now he’s apparently talking about burning women alive as witches, including Amber Heard.

Google is so pathetically bad at some of their algorithms – which they then use to help decide what to censor. They don’t review their data quality in a competent way. The examples in this article are really good and clear.

tedx refused to post a really carefully worded talk just sharing someone’s personal experiences with health problems and a dietary solution. she clearly says there’s just anecdotal evidence, shares her story, says a lot of people have contacted her saying it worked for them too, and asks scientists to please study this for real. tedx is biased in favor of vegan thinking and is censoring this information.

Anti-gambling video removed on YouTube for allegedly promoting gambling. Pro-gambling clips in his video, from other creators, that he was criticizing, remain unaffected on YouTube. YouTube gave a timestamp for where he violates their gambling policies and it’s a clip of another YouTuber and the video the clip is from isn’t in trouble. YouTube has some automated appeal process that can reject appeals in a minute with no human involved. He then got an actual human from YouTube to respond on Twitter and they upheld the decision.

A week after this complaint video, due to having over 650,000 YT subscribers and getting a lot of people to complain to YT, the anti-gambling video is back up. The anti-gambling video got extra attention compared to his normal videos, including a react from asmongold, so that helped him get more people to complain (it was up for ~2 days before being removed).

There are lawsuits about OnlyFans putting competing adult performers (over 20,000 of them), from other sites, on a terrorism watch list. The watch list is run by google, microsoft, facebook and other tech companies, not the government. They don’t give the government access or oversight to regulate the list, check for abuses, etc. The purpose of the watch list is to cooperate to shadow ban people on it across many different social media platforms at once. How did OnlyFans get to put their competitors on the list? Bribery.

TikTok’s algorithm is racist.

I’m sure it’s biased against many other groups too including Objectivist philosophers.

The algorithms of Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are also very biased. This is a kind of soft censorship which is having a large (but largely invisible) effect on the world today.

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Platforms and the government are communicating about what content should be censored: