Discussing article "Don't Fight Your Culture On Sex"

If sex plays a traditional role in your life, I understand. If sex plays no significant role in your life, I understand. If sex plays some other role in your life … wtf are you doing? Don’t actively fight with your culture over sex. Do something productive.

Who role does masturbation form of sex plays? Traditional or other?

Isn’t no role also against culture? Isn’t the person trying to convert from traditional role to no role also fighting the culture as well?

I think it’s traditional/customary to masturbate before getting married (and if separate from your spouse, e.g. on a business or military trip), especially for men (historically women were more sexually repressed). But not super heavily – e.g. not 3 times every day while watching large amounts of internet porn.

I think this question is answered in another post titled “What I Learned from Autonomy Respecting Relationships”. Under the tradition section it says:

Sex is important because our culture imbues it with meaning (and because of the facts of pregnancy and STDs). The philosopher William Godwin had explained that 200 years earlier, as DD showed me. Although sex is not as inherently, innately important as people think, that doesn’t prevent it from actually having a lot of meaning to people and being a big deal. DD and I knew that was hard to change, and I now recognize it’s even harder to change than I used to think. Also, if you’re going to put significant work into self-improvement to change something, there are a lot of other things that could be a higher priority.

I think the above quote is saying no role is against culture and that changing oneself from traditional role to no role is hard. I think it also suggests that there are a lot of other things that would give better results if such significant amount of work is put into self improvement.

I edited the blog post. I disliked some things about it. It’s still disorganized and casual.