[Discussion Practice] Do we live in a meritocratic world?

Continuing the discussion from What Kind of World Do We Live In?:

Post #2 in my series practicing posting. I sat down to write a few days ago but couldn’t think of anything to write about as a new topic, so I figured I would share my thoughts on this video instead.

I think this video by Jason Pargin is pointing out that our world is not a fair meritocracy. He explains that people who are better writers than him have had less success than him. Randomness plays a part in success. He quotes examples like Bo Burnham and MrBeast explaining that it’s not reasonable to expect to replicate their success consistently.

It sucks that success in our world isn’t more tied to merit, and that plenty of skilled people putting out amazing work go unrecognized while less skilled people get recognized. It’s also an opportunity to remain humble even when succeeding heavily, or remain persistent when unsuccessful.