Eating plants kills animals

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I copy/pasted my video’s script into CapCut and let it auto-generate a video with AI. It provides an example of how bad AI currently is and I found it kinda funny. I uploaded it as an unlisted video:

The feature appears to have 3 parts:

  • It used text-to-speech to read the script.
  • It made captions.
  • It made a slideshow of static images.

Some images looked normal enough to be stock images, but some were weird, so they might all be AI generated.

It also offered to write the script for me. I guess you can just put in a prompt, and it will use something like chat gpt to write the script, and then it will auto-generate a video from that auto-generated script.

I was immediately prompted to make a video this way when I first opened CapCut on Mac.