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Kosmic responded to Summoning Salt re SMB:

There’s some interesting stuff about ‘game seconds’ and pipe transitions in the vid that I didn’t know. cc @Alisa

A few of you may remember when I debated Jani stuff with DD (I believe on BoI list). Relevant to that, apparently her mother was the main problem, which vindicates my skepticism of the narrative and of DD’s position. The mother went to over 50 doctors trying to get her other kid diagnosed schizophrenic and failed. She heavily medicated her kids and was bad enough that the government took them away, and then in a group home (a bad, hard situation) they behaved ok with lower doses:


School harsh drug policies make no sense:


I think a lot of people don’t understand what kinda crap a lot of young girls deal with from guys (I don’t think I fully get it):


I don’t really understand the whole sending pictures of your penis thing. I am confused as to 1) why people think it’s a good idea to do that in the first place and 2) why they persist in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is generally unwanted

A podcast interview with DD:

What do you think of it? And what’s it like/about (I don’t plan to watch)?

The interview is bad. The interviewer’s questions are superficial and he doesn’t seem to have understood much of DD’s work. DD’s answers are also quite bad. He states stuff without much explanation and some of what he states is bizarre. For example, he sez the following about Godwin:

I think the reason he got to be underrated is that he made tremendous mistakes. He didn’t understand economics at all, or barely.

Lots of philosophers don’t understand economics but get praised anyway, so why is this relevant to Godwin’s lack of popularity?

The site has a transcript of the interview.

Yes. Keynes and Marx even got away with it while building reputations focused a lot on economics…

DD told me another time that he thinks Godwin might well have been/stayed a household name if he hadn’t published the memoir about his dead first wife. The problem wasn’t any intellectual error by Godwin, it was the scandal of out-of-wedlock sex.

DD is also wrong about Godwin’s economics, and won’t reread Godwin. I debated this with him some. I was much more of an expert on Godwin – better read and the readings were much more recent. DD just wouldn’t reply enough to conclude the discussions and never established that he was right about his attacks on Godwin. DD misunderstands Godwin as some kind of socialist with really awful economic views, which is not true, and DD refused to engage with quotes and facts like Godwin documenting that he formed the view “That commerce ought not to be regulated” in 1781.

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I’ve been watching chess occasionally. There’s a major tournament with three GM commentators currently.

Report that Reddit and other social media platforms have been hiring political elites into top roles. I have not fact checked or investigated. It seems potential important re how the world works, and I’ve seen some similar claims before (most prominently, IIRC, about Facebook hiring former Obama staffers).

I’m liking this channel:

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A bit about how police can track people with cameras in public and software:


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