Elliot Shares Links (2021)

gmail hides lots of newsletters – that you sign up for and want – in the “promotions” tab.

i don’t use gmail web interface to read email but a lot of people do and let google have a lot of control over what emails get their attention, similar to how people let social media algorithms direct their attention.

this has presumably affected my newsletter emails and the Critical Fallibilism site emails.

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Apparently you can adopt a 2yo and then get rid of them when they’re 14yo. wtf


(btw i don’t scroll tiktok. i only watch curated tiktoks sent to me by friends, or rarely i’ll see one linked somewhere. and i watch in my browser with speed controls, not in the app at 1x)

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Dunno about the quality of the science, but:


Some guy says he did research and found that the most effective thing for getting more views on social media is attacking the outgroup.

I already thought people were way too tribalist and were really into attacking outgroups. The conclusion makes sense to me.

Muslim in Jordan tells street interviewer that he’d murder his sister if she wanted to get a job:


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Careful relying on services like vrbo (vacation rentals, similar to airbnb which may have the same issue). these people got their reservation cancelled last minute and did not get help fixing it, and it screwed over the plans they’d already set up involving plane flights, etc. renting a new place last minute instead was like 3x the cost. apparently the host can just cancel with no penalty.

vrbo fucking blocked her number but then fixed it for her after she got attention on social media. if you don’t have social media followers, good luck…



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Being a news anchor looks kinda hard



The US government is so dumb (others are also dumb):


Summary: You can make money by buying a house with government loan money, then renting it out to a government program to get government money to pay the loan plus a profit.

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Think about a world where it’s pretty normal for women to be harassed on the streets in broad daylight in a first world country. Then consider whether it’s plausible that things like the Andy B and CritRats problem would happen or not in the same world. It contextualizes it.

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Twitch streamers have been offered huge amounts of money to stream themselves gambling online. The money is from the gambling companies. Amounts mentioned include $35,000/hr or $2,000,000/month.

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Lots of people are buying houses with no inspection. Bad idea.

People in comments also say a lot of inspectors are bad.

From the YouTube comments:

This video has all of the marks of a genuine, honest, unbiased, and truth-seeking endeavor. It’s not omitting shit that doesn’t fit with a narrative, it’s not trying to smoothen out all the rough edges of the story…

Good video. Maybe I could learn something about how to be less biased from it.

bad pick up instructor.

From the article:

“Zero shopping carts. It appears they have all been removed including the cart racks that were outside the front of the store,” read a Google review for the store posted by resident Paul Johnson on July 2. “How the hell are you supposed to purchase things like bottled water, canned sodas, beer, seltzers, or wine in the same visit?? I tried the Potrero St. and Mission st. stores too. Zero.”

If local grocery stores become less convenient, people might order stuff delivered more. If they order more stuff delivered from walmart.com or a somewhat distant Costco via instacart, then some local grocery stores will do less business. (This type of thing might happen anyways apart from inconvenience due to theft, but I have in mind here specifically the change in buying patterns that results from the government’s failure to prevent theft and the resulting inconvenience to consumers that results from that failure of government). If this carries on enough, some local grocery stores might close. Some neighborhoods might wind up with fewer or no local grocery options. Then some people will blame the coldhearted and racist machinations of the rapacious capitalists and complain about food deserts.

I saw that Target is closing at 6pm in San Francisco due to the theft. I’d expect better hours than that from a big box store in a small town. Part of what some big cities supposedly offer to their residents is the convenience and fun of a 24/7/365 lifestyle where you can go out and get stuff whenever. If that’s not the case, what are people paying the $3k-4k/mo rent for?

i just got some food delivered from walmart. some jars and some canned food. they wrapped the jars in paper but put the cans in loose and used a giant box with tons of empty space and not much padding. box arrived significantly damaged with a whole corner falling apart as i carried it inside. fortunately only one jar was damaged and they refunded it. but they’re pretty incompetent at packing boxing for shipping. the metal cans were scattered all over the box and had moved around and bumped stuff and damaged the box and one jar. it would have worked better if they’d just used a smaller box. in the past i’ve had multiple broken jars from walmart. i’ve had better experiences with the box packing done by amazon and costco.

I have had similar experiences with Walmart’s packing quality. They seem way worse than Amazon.

They also do kinda some bizarre shipping stuff. Eg they started sourcing stuff directly from local stores sometimes when I order stuff online. That doesn’t sound too bad by itself, but the way it works out sometimes is: say I order $35 worth of stuff online. Some stuff will come as normal via FedEx or whatever. But then eg a single jar of jam will be hand delivered by someone from the local Walmart. So I’ll get my normal box of stuff but also a jar of jam will appear in a plastic Walmart bag in front of my door. I can’t imagine that’s an economical delivery for them?!

Oh also I tried their Walmart+ grocery delivery service and they just canceled my order without explanation and I had to fight with them to get a refund. So yeah they can be kind of awful. I’m glad they have lots of competition