Elliot Shares Links (2022)


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Advocates meta discussion to organize conversations mid conversation

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wtf YouTube

Things YouTubers take into account


People in the comments agree:

There is a little dissent:

Two of those don’t deny being catcalled a bunch when underage. They just say they still get it at later ages like when they were legal teens or early twenties. That actually potentially agrees with some of the other comments saying e.g. they get catcalled at 24 because they look 16.

Anyway wtf? Maybe it’s a good example of how men don’t fully know what it’s like to be a female? Or maybe just chess club members like me didn’t know? Many men actually are involved in this dynamic (but don’t really understand what it’s like for their victims), but men can also opt out of being cat-callers. By contrast, girls can easily get catcalled in sweatpants or other casual clothes or school uniforms (I’ve been reliably informed that avoiding skirts, not wearing makeup, having messy hair, etc., does not opt them out.).

Biggest chess tournament of the year starts today.


i just made a grammar practice vid b4 watching that. kinda related. ppl r so bad at words.

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‘After lockdown, things exploded’ – how TikTok triggered a books revolution | Books | The Guardian

Funny short story.

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cruel parents

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