Facecam [Fallible Ideas podcast] [curi Video]

You’ve commented in the past about doing things like silence removal from your podcasts. Have you experimented with that with facecam?

I’d guess (but don’t know) that if some silence is cut out it could cause distracting jumps in your face video.

I generally avoid doing facecam/video myself for some reasons you talked about:

  • I don’t want to be judged by appearance or items in background. I’m not trying to show other people how to live, I just want to live the way I want without it having negative impacts in areas it shouldn’t.
  • I wasn’t thinking specifically of females being harassed, but in general I prefer not to support a system of people being judged on their appearance.

Also, for parochial reasons I think I’m below average at getting information from visual cues like facial expressions. And it’s not something I want to put effort into getting better at. And I think I’m at least average and probably better than average at getting non-verbal information from audio. So, in competitive / cooptition type situations I think it’s personally advantageous to me if there’s not video vs. if there is.

I don’t make 1-way content at the moment – all my opportunities to facecam are interactive. And in that context I also avoid facecam/video for greater freedom of attention without being judged as rude. There are times I want to do something else that’s be undetectable in audio (or muted) but visible. Even in a meeting with 50 attendees and multiple topics some people will think it’s rude if you are clearly doing something else during part of the meeting rather than paying 100% attention.

having lots of jump cuts with facecam is common on youtube but less common with more professional stuff (they use scripts more, have more acting skill, and are more willing to do more takes). also TV hides cuts by changing cameras frequently.

this quora discussion is premised on jumpcuts being common for YT vlogs https://www.quora.com/Why-do-popular-YouTube-vlogs-purposely-overuse-jump-cuts and has some comments about it like that they want high energy and fast talking pace