Felt like sharing this

Why are you sharing this? What are your thoughts on it?

I’m not clear about it. I watched a lot more videos by the same channel which are all based around people being stupid. A lot of thoughts came into my mind while watching these videos which made me feel overwhelmed so I guess I shared this to get thoughts of other FI people on this. I guess I was hoping that some FI person would simplify and explain this which will help solve me get over feeling overwhelmed.

Some of my thoughts were:

  1. how stupid people are
  2. these people are doing childlike behavior
  3. I also felt a bit hopeless

I’m failing to describe other things I’m feeling.

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After ignoring the forum guidelines, DT was asked about his opinion. He still refused to even say which side he’s on. He talks about people being stupid and childish, but he doesn’t say which people. Which people involved in the video does he think were good or bad?

He wants someone to tell him the right answers before he sticks his neck out by saying anything. He’s hiding his goals and opinions in case they’re wrong.

Why do you say I refused? I didn’t understand that I was asked to choose a side.

It sounds like you are blaming me for not following instructions and that makes me feel bad.

I think the lady being recorded is acting childish and stupid because I think they are overreacting.

I agree.

Who is/are the “they” that you think is overreacting? Do you mean the lady is overreacting? (That is how I am reading it, but “they” is a confusing pronoun to use when you have already gendered the person.)

I think “childish” is an interesting insult to use. Children are often seen as “overreacting” when if you were to take what was literally being done to them, and do the exact same thing to an adult, then the adult would have a much stronger reaction.

The woman is afraid that she is going to be put on the internet and slandered as doing something that she never did. Her face, license plate, and the address of her home are all going to become public. And people are going to believe the narrative that she did something racist. And then she is going to have to deal with potential things like harassment, stalking, assault, battery, threats to her life, or losing her job.

Given the context that she has a legitimate reason to fear for her safety, her livelihood, and possibly even her life, I don’t think that it’s reasonable to call her reaction an overreaction.