Forum Usage Tips: Categories and Tags

Posts must be categorized. The main categories are Unbounded and Friendly. You should read the About posts in both of those categories for more info and consider which one you want to put each post in. They are both for rational discussion and learning. Do not post current politics and news in those categories.

To post in a category, you can select it from the menu while posting from the home page. But you can also click into a category first, and then if you create a new topic it’ll auto-populate the category for you.

There’s also an Other category (with a Community sub-category for meta discussions about the forum and community, e.g. feature suggestions). You can use Other for off-topic stuff like politics, news, food, music, gaming, to chat with other forum members, etc. If you want to say something but it’s not a good fit for the regular discussions, you can use Other.

There’s also an Elliot Temple category. I’ll be setting it up to automatically post some of my new articles there. You can start topics there if they are specifically about my articles/videos/ideas.

Categories = sub-forums. There are also tags, which are mostly for indicating topics (e.g. science, economics or social-dynamics). Higher trust level users can create new tags, but try to keep them pretty generic (they should be things that many people and posts could use, and pretty broad categories). I made some initial tags. You can ask if you want a new tag but can’t make it yourself. Tags + Title help people decide whether to read your new Topic (aka Thread). Tags also help people search. People can look at all posts with a specific tag. Tags are not mandatory like a category is, but are appreciated.

If I post about mindfulness meditation, what tag do I use? It could be “learning”. Or should there be a tag like “emotions” or “meditation” or “mindfulness” or something? “emotions” is the broadest.

i’ll add tags for you. i don’t know a way to add tags besides making a post lol. you can add your own tags after you use the forum more.

How about a tag for “project”? Is it appropriate here to have a thread about a project?