Ghost Blockquotes (technical help please)

Can anyone please figure out how to deal with blockquotes in Ghost better?

By default from my Ulysses export, it didn’t separate the two paragraphs within the quote.

This forum thread basically said “yeah who cares, use a markdown or html card, not the regular editor”. And then was auto-closed after 2 weeks of ignoring the guy asking if he should file a bug report about the previewer not working regardless. So I can’t post in the thread, which is stupid.

So I made a markdown card and now the text in the quote is extra large and there are extra quoted blank lines at the start and end of the quote. I tried an HTML card and the result is the same.

Apparently the Casper theme CSS doesn’t work in a reasonable way with p tags within blockquote tags. wtf.

I just wanted a publishing platform that works in basic ways instead of to customize stuff and then have to merge my changes every time they update.

Also you can’t preview changes to a post that’s already published. wtf. They literally just disable the previewer so you can’t use it to see if you’re breaking your live post or not.

So I don’t know what a reasonable thing to do now is. I guess I need to add CSS overrides somewhere? Would someone figure those out for me?

I don’t know what the situation with nested blockquotes is. I assume they won’t work. I think my plan was to add CSS for them if/when I needed them. I’m shocked that multi-paragraph blockquotes don’t work though. But I don’t want to just design my own theme from scratch – I’m not a designer, I don’t want to deal with mobile, etc. Wordpress has tons of problems. If it was like Substack or Medium it might just be broken and impossible to fix since you get less control over your site. So Ghost still seems probably best I guess, even ignoring that I’m already using it.

I already have a CSS overrides file due to the gigantic spacing between paragraphs on large screens. I reduced that but didn’t go through and try to fix all the other cases like spacing before or after hr, blockquote, etc. They use a special css unit that gets bigger on bigger screens so it looks fine on mobile but they never test it on a 27" or 32" desktop screen or something? There’s a forum thread complaining about that too Casper theme line height is enormous between paragraphs - Themes - Ghost Forum It indicates e.g. that overriding Casper stuff is hard because they use !important within the theme. They got no help from anyone in charge of anything.