Grammar exercises 1

Project Summary

Summary: I have done the first set of exercises in Elliot’s grammar article.


Goal: The goal of this project is to finish the first set of exercises from Elliot’s grammar article.
Metrics: The relevant metric is whether I get the sentences done correctly or not.
Broader goal: I’d like to get better at grammar.
Values: The project has value for doing better philosophy.
CF relevance: Better understanding of grammar will help me discuss philosophy better.


Plan: Make a grammar tree for each sentence and ask for feedback on it.
Project size: Not very large, there are nine sentences in the first set of exercises.
Resource budget: The time to read and tree the sentences.
Asks: It would be good if I could get feedback, but I don’t expect it.
Offers: None.
Independence: I’ve done the sentences and if nobody comments that’ll be okay.
Confidence: I have done the sentences and I think I got them right.
Follow through: If I’m wrong then I’ll revise my understanding and use it for future grammar exercises.


Context: I’ve made mistakes on grammar before by doing stuff that was too complicated and involved too many problems.
Background: I’ve made mistakes on grammar before by doing stuff that was too complicated and involved too many problems.
Track Record: I’v tried to do grammar trees before and got them wrong.
Priorities: Successfully doing some grammar trees for sentences.
Progress: I’ve done the setences and I think I got them right.
Problems: I didn’t understand how to do prepositions in grammar trees before.

First sentence: John is wise.

Grammar tree:

Second sentence: John quickly drank milk.

Grammar tree:

Third sentence: John likes big, fast cars.

Grammar tree:

Fourth sentence: John went to the new store.

Grammar tree:

Fifth sentence: The ferocious dog chased three cats over the chair.

Grammar tree:

Sixth sentence: Clever John carefully ate the very juicy steak.

Grammar tree:

Seventh sentence: John thought hard about chemistry.

Grammar tree:

Eighth sentence: John put the toy soldier in the compartment in the box on the shelf in his room.

Grammar tree:

Ninth sentence: The delicious cake with berries unfortunately fell onto the dirty floor from the table.

Grammar tree:

In the fourth sentence, the preposition “to” should go where “store” is in the tree. “To” should have only “store” as a dependent. “Store” should still have “the” and “new” and dependents.

In the second sentence “quickly” is an adverb.

Regarding the tree format, I believe ET recommends putting the subject as the first dependent (reading left to right), the object or complement as the second dependent, and any modifiers as the third and subsequent dependents.

Relevant: Please Organize Your Grammar Work on Webpages

In the sixth sentence “carefully” is an adverb.

You’re correct. New tree for the fourth sentence:

A new tree for the second sentence:

A new tree for the sixth sentence:


Your solutions looked mostly fine.

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