Please Organize Your Grammar Work on Webpages

It would be helpful to me, and the world, if people who did grammar practice put their work on a website in a way that would be useful to other people. It should be reasonably organized and future-proof. Information in any useful, usable format would be great with a bunch of grammar stuff gathered (or linked) in one place which doesn’t ask new learners to dig through many messy topics in FI, Basecamp or Discourse archives.

A good format would let you read problems without seeing solutions. Solutions could be blurred out or collapsed until clicked, or linked at another page (individually sounds best so that people can check their work after each problem without risking spoilers for later problems).

Writing about your study, like conceptual explanations, is good to include when clear, concise and conclusive. When it’s more like messy, long, inconclusive notes, or multi-person discussion from the middle of learning stuff, that shouldn’t clutter things up or go in the middle. That can still be good to include somewhere, e.g. at a link with labelling that sets appropriate expectations.

Creating a document (probably PDF) instead of a webpage could work too, though anti-spoiler features might be difficult (maybe just put solutions at the back with in-document links to get to them and back). I don’t think a forum thread would work well for an archival version of the information. I think it’d be better to get a free website like from github or a blog.

I probably should have required that people organize and share information as a condition of helping them with grammar. I think I’ll do that going forward.

People who have done enough grammar work that it’d be good to gather and share include: @AnneB @Fire @Dface @Alisa and Kate Sams.

@Max and @JustinCEO have grammar webpages: Max and Justin. I think Justin and possibly Max has more work that isn’t included there. I also worked with Max about grammar in some of our tutoring videos.

Anyone could take other people’s work and put it up if they don’t do it themselves. Miscellaneous practice from multiple people who didn’t do much could also be gathered, organized and put in one place.

It won’t work for me to take everyone else’s work, organize it and put it up. I’m too busy making articles, videos and forum posts, doing research, learning and inventing things. Creating and organizing my own stuff is enough work for me. Other people need to do this for it to exist. (Maybe I’d consider doing this work if I was being paid enough to replace a job. But my fans aren’t providing much income. And if there were, it’d probably make more sense to hire an assistant than spend my own time doing this.)

I plan to put together a draft pdf of my grammar practice in the next couple weeks, or by the end of August at the latest. I will start by making a document with just the sentences and tree/parts of speech solutions at the end.

I would like to make website as well but that might take a bit more time since I’ve never made a website before.