Help in learning activity

I’ve chosen to do ‘write quick tiny reply’ learning activity. It is the easiest thing for me to do.

Here I will ask for solutions to some problems I’m having.

First one: Elliot recommended posting these replies especially to him. I took it to mean that I should post it to people better than me because the learning activity will work better. But most times when I post replies I get much more input than what I put in and then I feel like I am not participating similarly in the conversation. I’m not sure what the problem is here. Maybe it’s just the emotions I am feeling.


One of the best things people could do here is write lots of short (1-3 sentence) replies, primarily in reply to me.

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you asking for source makes me think I did something wrong. Did I misrepresent you or put words in your mouth or misquote you? Thinking that I might have done that makes me feel bad because this is one of most important rules here I think.

Giving sources in the first place is better, but it’s ok, no big deal. Your source is fine; you didn’t misrepresent it.

I don’t understand pressuring. I think I pressured you right now by talking about me feeling bad. Not pressuring someone is another main thing here as I understand it.


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I figured out the problem. The problem is things not going according to my expectations. I expect that a tiny reply should get a tiny response.

A related problem I can think of is: I don’t know how this learning activity works. When I get a big response in reply to my tiny reply I find it hard to continue the conversation because I am not good at doing big conversations. So my learning activity of writing quick tiny replies stops. I get stuck.

Possible solution: Break down the big reply into the smallest part to which I can write a quick tiny reply.