Hikaru Nakamura Chess Drama

can you give summary?

Hikaru Nakamura is an aggressive liar who puts responsibility/blame on others and seems to like to try to damage people’s careers and incomes when he gets emotional. Meanwhile he claims to care about what’s best for chess and its community and popularity as a whole. That’s not a fully obvious lie because he does most of his aggression in private/secret ways instead of openly. He’s a bad person. He mostly gets away with it because he’s very good at chess and most of the audience doesn’t actually evaluate who is correct when there’s “drama”. Most people are tribalist and just side with whoever they were already a fan of before the drama started.

As a parallel, I think hardly anyone has changed sides re the Andy B and DD harassment stuff due to explanations, evidence and arguments. And a lot of people see “drama” and don’t try to judge what’s right.

Hikaru does seem like an emotional person. I always felt something off about him.

The people who are affected by explanations, evidence and argument are already here.

In what I don’t think is 100% a coincidence, DD recently linked a Nakamura video in which he (Naka) doesn’t explain much. He isn’t a good teacher in general and often isn’t trying to teach anyway. That’s OK. He can just play chess and not teach. But he shouldn’t be so popular because most of his material is not suitable for most people to watch. And DD shouldn’t be linking and spreading a video that’s only suitable for chess experts.

Ben Finegold said something, possibly in a different video, which was memorable to me. He doesn’t like Naka but he was saying Naka is so good at chess and his fans don’t actually appreciate it, they have no idea how good he is, he’s so much better than they realize, he’s really amazing at chess but they don’t know enough to see it (Finegold is a GM and does understand).

I think most people want to see their fighter win. He is better at blitz than most people and wins most of times so his fans feel that they have indeed chosen the right person to follow.

The people in the videos didn’t put it quite like that (they were more diplomatic but still harsh). And actually I don’t know that he likes it. What I really meant is that he does it. But he’s presumably pretty unhappy a lot and may not be enjoying it much. He may just be trying to defend himself from perceived threats and problems, but not really know how to do that or what would help him. A lot of the times people attack others it’s really about their own problems which they don’t know how to deal with.

I’ve thought of this idea too. One example I can remember is IQ debate. People who say IQ isn’t a predictive factor in success in job get attacked. I think some of those people attack because they think they cannot succeed at many jobs because they don’t have enough IQ. For example people who think not everyone can be trained to code.