Idea Tree Discussion Activity Suggestion

Activity suggestion: Have a discussion with a partner and make a tree as you go along. Make a forum thread and tag it with tree-based-discussion. By default, what you post on the forum doesn’t go in the tree. Label it when you’re writing text that you want added to the tree (and say what the parent node is). You should both agree on what text goes in the tree and where, not make your own separate versions. At least one of you should make the tree with some mind mapping or diagramming software, and it’d be good practice if you both do it.

Before writing text that goes in a tree node, you can ask clarifying questions. You can also say your initial thoughts and get a response before writing an actual node. You can discuss a bit more casually before figuring out what you want to say. This will keep the tree less cluttered. Just put your main points into the tree once you figure them out.

You could do a debate or try to analyze an issue and figure it out together.

Learn about making idea trees here: Curiosity – Making Idea Trees

Find my videos about my discussion with gigahurt (which I made a tree for) here: Curiosity – gigahurt discussion videos