Inflation chart site

I will try to briefly summarize the site The site has a list of about 20 things that can be priced or measured in dollars, including:

  • the median (by price) U.S. single-family home
  • the S&P 500
  • a troy oz of gold
  • the U.S. M3 money supply
  • the average price of a Big Mac at a U.S. McDonald’s

The site lets you pick two items on the list and shows you a historical chart of the price of one item in terms of the other [1][2]. So, for example, you can chart:

  1. I guess the site calculates the price of X in terms of Y as: price of X in dollars divided by price of Y in dollars. ↩︎

  2. I haven’t tried to verify the site’s data. One issue I did notice is that the panel on the RHS says “Last updated: 2021-05-28”, but the data for BTC as measured in gold only goes up to March 28, 2021. Maybe “Last updated” doesn’t mean all the data is up-to-date as of that date. ↩︎

You haven’t expressed an opinion or goal.

I didn’t use the word “goal”, but I meant to communicate my goal in my first sentence:

I will try to briefly summarize the site

You aren’t giving enough info about a goal. Why summarize that? What is the point?

The idea of summarizing the site occurred to me while I was looking at it. I think that was partly because Elliot and I were talking about summaries in our call the other day. I think the site seemed small enough to me, like a single scene from a movie, that it might be worth summarizing it for practice.

It was a learning exercise. I haven’t put anything about summaries in my learning plan yet, though.

FWIW that wasn’t what I had guessed at all. My quick guesses for why you were bringing that site up to summarize it were:

  1. you were trying to learn more about inflation in general, or
  2. you were gonna write some kind of criticism of that site in particular.

That you were just practicing summarizing skills was not at all obvious.

That was my first guess b/c of the capitalism, ch1 outline from the other day.

PS: @Alisa your summary gave me a reasonable idea of what to expect and that seems to line up with what is on the site.

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