Internetrules check in for if he posted in the last 2 days or not

every other day i am going to update this post with whether or not i have posted in the last 2 days. i will try to do this for at least 2 weeks, which would equal 7 check ins.

MAY30th, Check In 0:

i have barely posted in the past week. about a week ago i had the goal of posting at least once every other day, i failed at that goal. im gonna try that goal again for the next 2 weeks.

it seems bad to try the same goal again that you just failed without trying to figure out why you failed it, and figuring out how to avoid failing it next time.

i think one of the ways i failed was not thinking of what i could post about. ideas for topics to post about, could its self be a topic i could post about! ok, im gonna make a post in friendly about ideas for things to post about.

JUNE 1 (technically june 2), Check In 1:

success! i posted some things about books, and some things about trying to think about what topics i could post about. i didnt actually post anything on jun 1 tho.


JUNE 3, Check In 2:

success. i posted a small thing on Lying examples, and thing on genshin impact thread. i waited pretty last minute to post those tho, that seems bad… i havnt been keeping up with reading CF.